Product Roadmap

What is it

A product roadmap is a high-level overview that maps the vision and overall product strategy of your product. The purpose behind what you’re creating is conveyed by a product roadmap. It’s both a strategic document and a roadmap to implement your approach.
It’s no secret that the productivity of the team can be strengthened by a successful product roadmap. But where do managers of goods start? It sometimes helps to see an instance of a well-crafted product roadmap.
Example Roadmaps:

  • Product Roadmap
  • Multiple Product Roadmap
  • Agile/Sprint Roadmap

There are innumerable ways of building a roadmap. It will rely on your product and your company to develop the best strategy for developing your roadmap and format for communicating it. To schedule updates, some teams use roadmaps, while others use roadmaps to handle whole product lines. Generally, however the visual display of a roadmap is consistent. Here is an instance of a basic product roadmap:


Features and Roadmap

Why Use it

If you are responsible for one product, then your roadmap which look similar to the above example of a single product roadmap.
This is a high-level, strategic document, you won’t just create it to show your executives, win their buy-in, and then shelve it as you get on with the real job of driving the production of the product.

One of your main, ongoing instruments for driving the production will be this product roadmap. You should be aware about what you do almost every day.
For instance, let’s assume a six-month development time period is protected by your single product roadmap. If you have integrated a scheduled October release into this document for an add-on to the mobile app of your product, then in February or March you will know that it is time to start thinking about what levels of expenditure and resources you will need for growth, what kinds of tests you will need to do, what documentation and collateral will need to be developed, etc. And with that foresight, you can begin preparing to get those projects started now so that they are ready for the release of the add-on in time.


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