Product Manager vs. Product Owner

There is a difference between product manager and product owner. In this article, we are going to discuss some differences between them. You can see their main difference in the following ways,

  1. Definitions
  2. Role
  3. Responsibilities

Wo is the product manager?

The product manager always deals with the products launching. He is responsible for guiding the success of the product. He can also lead the cross-functional team. His role is great in the organization, especially in technology companies.

Product managers can provide the deep product expertise which is needed to lead the organization and make strategic product decisions. They can analyze the market and competitive conditions for laying out a product vision. They participate in activities from strategic to tactical and provide important cross-functional leadership. The product manager can lead different teams from a product’s conception all the way through to its launch.

Product management can be the practices of development, launch and support company product. The manager focuses on long term strategy and market trends as well as new opportunities.

However, the Product Owner may be the sole person who is responsible for ordering the product backlog, which can include,

  1. Expressing the product backlog items
  2. Ordering of items to achieve goals and missions
  3. Optimizing the value of the work
  4. Shows what the Team will work on next

Who is the product owner?

The product owner is the sole person for managing the product backlog. Product Backlog management can include,

  • It can clearly express product backlog items.
  • It orders the items in the Product Backlog to achieve goals and missions.
  • It can optimize the value of the work the development team performs.
  • Ensure that the Product Backlog is transparent, visible, and clear to all.

He can be a single person so he represents the desire of the committee in the product backlog. The decision of the owner of a product can be visible in the content and order the product backlog. ‘

A product owner is the leader who is responsible for maximizing the value of the products created by a development team.

Role of product managers

The product manager has a different role from the product owners. You can see the different roles of product managers in the following ways.

  1. Strategy
    The main role of the product manager is to make the strategy of product vision. It is a clear job for any organization. The project manager s can understand the importance of product vision. He can own the roadmap and perform all activities to achieve the strategic goals behind the product.
  1. Releases
    The product manager can plan their team to deliver and timeline the implementation. It can hold the true mater of development. He plays his role in releasing the production of the market.
  1. Ideation
    As every organization wants better ideas as it is difficult to manage and prioritize them. The product manager can help the organizations for the idealization of products.
  2. Validation
    Product managers need to validate market needs and productize winning ideas.

They can communicate the status of ideas back to the customers, partners and team members. There are some other roles of product managers that are given below,

  • Product marketing
  • Supporting product sales
  • Budgeting
  • Long-term envisioning
  • Customer care
  • Supporting the solution-delivery team

Role of product owners

  1. Defining the vision
    The product owner can be the point person on the product development team that uses a high-level perspective for goals. They create a vision for development projects.
    They are responsible for communication among the stakeholders like customers, business managers and development teams to make sure that goals are clear. So we can say that the product owner main role is to define the vision.
  1. Managing the product backlog
    They can product managers can manage the role of the product backlog. The main responsibility of the product manager is to create a list of backlog items and prioritize them.
    The product backlog may be changed when the product owner makes the list accessible to all stakeholders to ensure optimized performance and project outcomes.
  1. Prioritizing needs
    The main responsibility of the product owner is to prioritize needs. They can give a better idea about the scope, budget and time. They can play their role in prioritizing the different needs of the business.
  1. Overseeing development stages
    The product owner can spend significant time on the actual development of the project. The product owners are responsible to play a role in different events like refinement, review, planning, and sprint. The product owner can work with stakeholders to identify the steps that are required
  1. Anticipating client needs
    The successful product owners are experts in understanding and anticipating the client’s needs as they can manage the development process.
    The successful product owner can be an expert in understanding and anticipating the clients. They have deep knowledge and communication skills.
  1. Evaluating product progress
    The product owner is responsible for each stage of the development process and final product. The main role is to make the judgment call on the performance. They can see the different opportunities within the organization and evaluate the progress of the product. So they can increase the business of an organization as they can increase the product performance.

Comparison of product manager and product owner’s responsibilities

If we make a comparison of product managers and product owners then we can see the following differences,

  1. Product Managers make strategies for the product while the product owner can focus on the tactics about the launching of products.
  2. Product managers can develop the business case for the product while the product owner can express the product backing items.
  3. The product managers are experts on the product and customers while the product owners are only responsible for ordering the backlog items to achieve the best goals.
  4. The product manager can develop and maintain the roadmap while the product owner can optimize the value of teamwork.
  5. The product manager is responsible to make the position of the product while the product owner is to make the visibility and clearance of product backlogs.
  6. The product manager can work with the budget of an organization while the product owner shows the team what is next work.
  7. The product manager can work with product expertise and they have close relationships with engineering and design teams. They are responsible for making sure to meet the expectation of the product owner. Product owner is customer-centric as they can update the trends of the market place. They are responsible for learning about the customer roadblocks.
  8. Project managers have to make sure to work according to the expectation of product owners. They can make the value of business clear to different teams in the organizations. They usually work with these teams to overcome the unexpected roadblock.
  9. Product owners are responsible for managing customer feedback. They can respond to the criticism of customers.
  10. When the product vision is established then the product manager can see the development process till the releasing date. If there is any roadblock then they can prioritize these roadblocks. The product manager creates a system to sort through different proposals and highlight those that align with the product’s intention. They provide employees coaching for where these ideas could be improved for future addition. The product owner prioritizes the useful features for the target audience and narrows the list for the product manager.
  11. Product managers can handle the logistical end of the product strategy by facilitating all necessary steps in the development process. Product owners may act as the liaison between the stakeholders and their product management teams.

Why do you need both a product manager and a product owner?

The organization needs both product owner and product managers due to the following reasons, when the company hires the product owner and product manager then they can produce the new products very fast with mutual coordination. There is less time to be needed for organizing the product team. Both can develop the structure of team communication. They can help a team inefficient ways as they can overcome the roadblocks. So we can say that they can work more efficiently.

Consistency – both can ensure consistency throughout the product development process. There is a flow of communication between the product teams and stockholders. When there will be any change then they can take notice and make some implementation.


The responsibilities of product owners and product managers are widely different. The product owners perform the product management responsibilities. The project managers can also perform the product ownership responsibilities. In fact, anyone can perform both roles simultaneously. However when they perform their roles then we can see the different roles. In this article, we have made a brief comparison of the product owners and product managers. You can see the different roles and responsibilities of product managers and product owners. You can also see that the importance of working both simultaneously as they can increase the efficiency of an organization and they can coordinate each other to increase the growth of a particular product line of the company.

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