Product-led Growth.
The product manager’s guide

Grow your business through
Product-led Growth

Grow your business through
Product-led Growth

The toughest part of managing any product is bringing your team together and ensuring that everyone is aligned and focused on achieving a common goal. Doing so remotely can be even more daunting. Here are Calido’s Top 7 Secrets to Effective Remote Product Team Management.

Between the ongoing pandemic, the advent of Product- Led-Growth, & numerous changes in working style, the role of Product Managers is becoming more complex. Download your copy of this valuable article written by Adil Berdai CEO of Calido and a veteran product management leader and serial startup founder. Download your copy today!

Build Better Product with Calido

Calido is the intelligent product collaboration platform empowering teams to build better products faster by:

  1. Collect actionable insights from your stakeholders
  2. Prioritize what to build next based on evidence
  3. Accelerate time to value and deliver the right products on time. 

Manage full products

Manage full products and projects end-to-end from ideation to launch – your way.

Build a roadmap that brings all members of the team together, using an evidence-based & silo-free approach, thanks to Calido. It’s easier than ever to communicate to internal and external stakeholders about your progress & plans, from one intuitive system.

Quickly engage your customers

Quickly engage your customers to validate ideas and collect new ones. Share your roadmap live with stakeholders in 3 clicks and collaborate.

Go beyond guesswork and bring the voice of the user to the forefront of your product management practice. These insights are critical to building better products. Calido makes it easy to publish a public-facing Idea Portal in just three clicks.


Hit the ground running

Hit the ground running with ready-made templates from product management, roadmap, backlog, all the way to launch plan.

Lead your product teams to success with integrated Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) that can be customized to fit your style of team management, seamlessly. Calido brings clarity of progress to growth-focused teams.

Guide Performance Transparently

Grow your business, build customer-driven products, find your product-market-fit, and simplify your workflows.

The Calido platform packs the perfect balance of intelligence & simplicity to enable you reach product management zen.

Get started in minutes!

Use templates to build your roadmap
or to plan your next launch.

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