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Build customer driven products based on market evidence and prioritize based on true value.

Product management team

Companies boost adoption, loyalty, and innovation with calido

Calido is an evidence-based product management solution to manage the full product lifecycle. Visualize priorities, focus on what matters, build roadmaps, collaborate internally, and engage your customers.

Build a single source of truth

Build a single source of truth for your product needs

Build a single source of truth

Take control of your priorities. Consolidate stories, ideas, features, requests, escalations, hot lists, competitors, personas, or anything you track currently in different tools into a single place.


Identify and understand customer needs

Evidence and relationships

Identify and understand customer needs

Back your priorities with evidence. Link features to customer suggestions, ideas, sales requests, or support escalations to support your decisions.

Bring context, focus and clarity. Map to strategy, goals, initiatives, user personas, market segments, competitive gaps, or any relevant item that impacts priority.

Promote innovation. Collect ideas and suggestions and promote them to features and stories.


  • Link everything to anything in order to easily back with evidence, add context and understand relationships
    ★ with live related records that automatically update
Evidence and relationships

Prioritize what matters

Score features and prioritize

Prioritize what matters

Focus on the right things with clarity and purpose using the prioritization framework that works for you.

Prioritize based on market evidence and customer data. Focus on the right things by connecting your priorities to vision, goals, user personas, and customers & sales requests.

  • Confidently decide what to build next and share the rationale with your team based on custom scores
    ★ with formula-based score fields that fit your unique needs
  • Let your priorities shine. Group by your custom fields using multi-field grouping, sorting and filtering and collaborate with your team to get things done
    ★ with Custom views that automatically update real-time
  • Rank and rate items with ease to feed your scores using your own rating and ranking field types
    ★ with custom field templates that can be shared

Focus and track progress

Track Dev Progress

Focus and track progress

Engage your team and deliver with confidence. Zoom in on the right priorities, build custom views for each initiative or audience and share the right level of details with different stakeholders.

  • Focus and adjust. See the full picture, track progress, and stay focused on your priorities. Quickly adjust to emerging priorities or shifting market needs
    ★ with drag & drop to move things to the right bucket, team, release, stage or priority
Track Dev Progress

Deliver what customers want

Monitor dev progress with Jira

Deliver what customers want

Rally the organization behind priorities and collaborate with your team. Gain internal and external support, drive execution and track progress. Manage the full product lifecycle all the way to launch.

  • Monitor dev and launch progress in one place. Track product development, product marketing, and manage launch plans all using in one place. Everything is linked together.
    ★ with open data model to create and track any record type and link to any other item on your roadmap
  • Manage product launches. Create and manage full product launch plans that are fully connected to features and releases
    ★ with Product launch templates that can be used by all teams involved and customized to your business needs

Calido easily helped us build products based on customers needs. It was easy to capture customer and market evidence, understand what to do and why, and prioritize accordingly. We use calido in all stages of developing our product, from ideation, all the way to launch. calido easily replaced 3 or 4 tools we’ve been using and we now can find things much easier.

Keith Ramos

Director of Product

Product Manager user persona

Product managers

Prioritize what matters

Manage the full product lifecycle from ideas to launch. Rally everyone around your roadmap.

Startup founder user persona

Startup founders

Quickly get to market fit

Understand what users want and focus on building the right things. Detect opportunities and risks.

Product marketing manager user persona

Product marketers

Launch successfully

Build and manage launch plans, link to product roadmap, personas and vision. Manage everything in one platform.

Product Management Tools & Tips

Understand what users need. Prioritize what’s important. Focus on delivering value. Engage your stakeholders.

Start using Calido today!


Calido is the product management platform that helps you understand what

users need, prioritize what to build, focus on delivery, and manage successful

product launches.

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