Evidence-based Product Management

Evidence-based Product Management

Evidence-based product management, EBPM for short, is a process and framework that allows product teams to prioritize what to build next, based on market evidence.


What is EBPM, and what’s in it for you? Join to see how it works.

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The quickest way to be proactive



As product managers we don’t have all the answers, and frankly sometimes we don’t have a clue other than a gut feeling that this is the right thing to build, or not. Do we want to go on gut and gamble, or build what users and customers want based on market evidence?

Do we want to be Reactive or Proactive?
Many product teams are behind the curve and reacting to the loudest voices, the next big deal. Basically reactive product teams.

How to be proactive?
If I ask any of us, we will all say of course, we build product based on market evidence and customer needs. Right?
This is true, but the difference is a systematic way of gathering, documenting, prioritizing, scoring and delivering based on evidence.

what is product management

Why evidence-based product management?

Your current way is kind of working, right? I agree, but we can do better. We are not asking for a huge change in the way you manage your products now. And just by managing the data you have better, you will see huge improvements.

Adopting evidence-based product management helps you accomplish four main befits:

  • One benefit for you as a product manager
  • The second benefit is for your product team
  • The third benefit is for the company as a whole
  • The fourth is for your customers and users
what is product management
Prioritize your product backlog right

What’s in it for you as a Product Manager

Through EBPM, you will be able to focus your efforts on validated customers’ needs rather than catching up and reacting to everything and everyone around you. This benefits you in the following ways:

  • Makes you more credible in the company and in front of customers
  • Gives you a simple, yet effective framework to practice product management, which makes your job a lot easier
  • Helps your career by delivering proven results time after time
Product Team

What’s in it for your
product team

Through EBPM, product teams have a transparent model by which they manage, prioritize and deliver value to the company and customers. Product teams have the data to back their priorities and decisions which help them in the following ways:

  • Other organizations I.e. sales, support and others don’t second-guess and doubt the product team, saves lot of time and effort. Trust me!
  • Product teams gain the company’s alignment and backing behind their priorities
  • Product teams focus more on what customers needs and can push back on noise or non-validated requests a lot easier based on the model and evidence/scoring they adopted.
Product Team

What’s in it for your company

Through EBPM, companies deliver what customers need and what users expect more accurately, faster and consistently. EBPM benefits companies in the following ways:

  • Stay focused on the customer true needs that have been vetted and prioritized based on multiple criteria, rather than based on the loudest voice
  • Have clearer vision on what they will and will not do
  • These combined, help them innovate faster, build better products, reach market fit faster, and win in their markets
Market Evidence

What is market evidence?

Simply, market evidence is any piece of data that can help your decision process for or against building something or prioritizing something over another. It is that customer call you had, that competitive check you did or that dev meeting you sat on.

It is the combination of all these data points that help influence our priorities and shape our roadmap.

There is so much data to take in consideration, how do we use all this data as evidence and prioritize with it? Things can get complicated quickly.

Market Evidence

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